Best things you need to keep in mind before traveling to Malaysia.

    While traveling to any other country you need to follow certain norms and need to follow some things in mind in this blog we are going to tell you some things which you must keep in mind when you are visiting Malaysia. 

    Things to keep in mind when traveling to Malaysia 


    If you are in Malaysia for tourism purposes you need to check if the places of tourism are open in the country or not so that you do not waste your time by visiting the country at the wrong time. 

    You also need to check the travel guidelines if Malaysia if you are traveling in the country and you should make sure to adhere to these guidelines. 

    Who can have a tour of Malaysia?

    Now, if you are planning to have a tour of Malaysia you must know who can visit the country. Here is a list of people who can visit Malaysia – 

    No. 1 – For people with long-term travel passes, you can check by going through my travel pass status

    No. 2 – Investors 

    No. 3 – Business travelers 

    No. 4 – People having a diplomatic passport 

    No. 5 – Foreigners who are applying for temporary work pass 

    Also, it is necessary for travelers visiting Malaysia to have the Sejahtera app on the mobile devices they are using when they enter the country. 

    Required documents 

    You need to prepare some documents for your journey to Malaysia which we have mentioned below for you – 

    No. 1- You must have a valid passport or a travel document that you can use for traveling to Malaysia. 

    No. 2 – You will also need permission from a Malaysian VISA to enter the country 

    No. 3 – You will also need a return travel ticket with proof of sufficient money for your stay in Malaysia 

    No. 4 – You need to have a finished arrival and departure card 

    No. 5 – You must also have access to an entry pass as well as a negative certificate of Covid 19 test which must have been conducted 72 hours before the travel. 

    If you will keep all these things in your mind and will prepare for your journey accordingly, then the Malaysian government will surely welcome you in their country wholeheartedly. 

    We also believe that this blog was helpful for you in accessing information about trips to Malaysia and this information will surely help you if you ever plan to have a tour of the country. 

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